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M.R. – Wisconsin

I was diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer in November 2010, I had been reading about the benefits of saunas and wanted to use it to help get rid of the tumors I have. 6 hours after [a chemotherapy treatment], I took a 30 minute sauna. The difference between this round and the first round was astonishing. No nausea, no vomiting, no metallic taste, no mouth sores. It was as if I didn’t even have a treatment the next day. I felt just fine! I thought the sauna would just be good for me, I had no idea it would make chemotherapy not just manageable, but no big deal. I cannot believe what a difference!

C.M. – Boston, Massachusetts

Things are going great with the sauna. I’m using it in conjunction with my nutritional balancing program as recommended by Dr. Wilson. I’ve gradually increased my time from 10 to 25 minutes and I’m happy to say that I now sweat heavily in each session. The sauna itself is really beautiful and looks great in my home.

Thank you so much!

L.S. – Vancouver, BC

I wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for our wonderful sauna!!! It arrived early this week and my husband and son dismantled our FAR infrared sauna, and put together yours. The instructions were excellent and easy to follow. I christened it shortly thereafter with the first official sweat. Well!!! Wowza! It heats up instantly, I started sweating in about 3 minutes and it was by far the best sauna experience I’ve ever had!