There is a lot of great information about near infrared therapy. And, there is a lot of garbage out there as well. First, I have found that far infrared sauna websites routinely supply misinformation about near infrared. In addition, there are several other ill-informed resources that come up high in the search engines. I would recommend Dr. Larry Wilson (http://www.drlwilson.com) as a great place to start if you are looking for additional info. Here are some of my most frequently asked questions:

Is Near Infrared bad for your eyes?

No. Recent research has actually showed that near infrared can be therapeutic for the eyes. Currently, it is being studied as a healing tool for diabetic retinopathy. In that research, the near infrared is shined directly into the eyes. While it is not especially fun to stare into the lamps in our saunas, it is not harmful either.

Why do you use stools instead of a bench?

Near infrared saunas have all the heaters mounted on one side, due to the fact that you sit at least 4 ft away from them. In order to receive the light on all parts of your skin, you must periodically rotate in the sauna. The stool makes it easy to do so.

Is the sauna good for skin tone the way LED therapies are?

Yes, absolutely. The before and after pictures of LED rejuvenation are impressive. However, LED devices routinely isolate 1 or 2 wavelengths because LED's can only produce a single wavelength. The sauna uses the widest spectrum available and includes the entire range of all near infrared wavelenghts. In addition, sweating cleans the pores and detoxifies the skin. LED devices can not do this. Overall, the sauna skin benefits are greater than the LED devices.

Is the sauna effective for Lyme?

Yes. While not everyone will benefit, many will see and feel improvements for the following reasons. First, near infrared can help regenerate tissue damage from spirochetes in the joints. Second, raising core temperatures daily in the sauna helps weaken and kill spirochetes while greatly enhancing immune function. Third, regular sweating detoxifies heavy metals like mercury, which are though to be a complicating factor in Lyme. Fourth, the enhancement of circulation helps potentiate the effects of antibiotics. Estimates say that antibiotic effectiveness in increased 16X with near infrared sauna use. For more info, try this site: http://www.lymeaid.net/?page_id=219

What do you recommend for an electrolyte drink?

Please see the link in the menu for electrolyte replacement.

How durable are the saunas over time?

They hold up very well. Being a dry sauna, and operating at about 125° F, they tolerate heat very well. Still, howver, they are a natural wood product and may check or develop small splits over the years of use. The good news is that it won't affect the function of the sauna and these cosmetic developments are easily repaired. As for the electronics, the bulbs are simple to replace if they burn out. Just unscrew and screw in a new one. And, while I have never had to replace a timer, it is an easy, inexpensive replacement that can be done in less than 15 minutes. Overall, the long-term durability is excellent and the maintenance is very simple.

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