Health Benefits


Near Infrared Saunas provide a number of well-documented advantages to meet your goal of living a healthier life:

How Using a Near Infrared Sauna Benefits Specific Health Challenges
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Near infrared light reduces pain and inflammation, hallmarks of arthritis. It also improves circulation in the joints and stimulates the production of collagen and specific proteins that can help repair and maintain joint function. The heat is soothing and helps relieve pain as well.

Antioxidant Therapy
Near infrared light induces cellular antioxidant enzymes all throughout the body. Studies have shown it in the liver, brain, skin and more. The mechanism is simple and seems to be a basic response to light. Upregulating these enzymes reduces all manner of oxidative damaging and slows the aging process.

Near infrared sauna therapy is a powerful aid to cancer therapy. First, the deep heating can weaken cancer cells directly, enhance immune function and promote intense sweating to help remove (detoxify) carcinogenic chemical stuck in the body (including chemotherapy drugs which are toxic to healthy cells). The heat and light combine to powerfully aid circulation and deliver more oxygen to the cells. Lastly, the light brings pain relief and reduces inflammation. See the testimonial page for a customer’s success story using one of our saunas in her cancer therapy.

Chronic Fatigue
Detoxification is essential in cases of chronic fatigue. Near infrared sauna use is highly effective for removing toxic metals and chemicals from the body. In addition, near infrared light plays a critical role in enhancing cellular energy levels and giving your body a major energy boost.

Cosmetic Skin Rejuvenation
While not exactly a life or death issue, skin rejuvenation sure is fun! Near infrared light rejuvenates skin cells. It can reduce wrinkles, age spots and visible signs of aging, reduces inflammation, has anti-oxidant activity and increases collagen production. Combined with a skin cleansing sweat, it offers a very effective anti-aging skin rejuvenation. There is even new research suggesting that near infrared protects against UV sun damage.

Intense sweating promotes detoxification through the skin. Not only can you remove more toxins this way than through the urine, but it greatly reduces the stress on your liver and kidneys. You can sweat out both water-soluble and fat-soluble toxins through your skin. Regular use will greatly aid your body in eliminating the myriad chemical poisons and toxic heavy metals like mercury that we are exposed to daily.

Near infrared sauna is a comprehensive effective tool for fibromyalgia. First, it powerfully reduces inflammation and pain throughout the entire body. Second, it detoxifies heavy metals from the body. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt has had success treating fibromyalgia with heavy metal detoxification. Circulation is greatly enhanced. Lastly, near infrared light stimulate energy production inside the cells and can help you have much more energy!

Heart Conditions
First, sauna use has a long history for heart conditions and has been shown over time to be both safe and effective. The physiological effect of sauna heat is to relax blood pressure, enhance circulation, and enhance stroke volume of the heart. The entire cardio system gets a mild workout from sauna heat. Adding near infrared light stimulates the production of nitric oxide, the signal chemical for regulating blood pressure and enhancing circulation. Detoxification of metals such as cadmium further strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system.

Immune System
When you use a near infrared sauna, the heat easily penetrates into the body. A typical 30-40 minute session will raise your core temperature about 2 degrees. This heat mimics a fever response. It is officially called “hyperthermia” and is a well-documented form of therapy. In response to the heat, the immune system is turned up a notch, much like in a fever response.

Near infrared light powerfully reduces inflammation body wide.

Lifespan and Longevity
Regular use of a near infrared sauna has the power to significantly enhance lifespan/longevity through several mechanisms. First, total detoxification and enhanced circulation will keep cells clean, healthy and vital. This alone will make a huge difference. Second, regularly raising your core temperature 2 degrees, a feat accomplished in 30-40 minutes of near infrared sauna use, increases your natural production of growth hormone. This a natural regulatory hormone that helps keep the entire body young. Third, near infrared light is a natural cellular rejuvenator that energizes and enhances cell function. Lastly, regular mild heat stress, the kind that raises your body temperature 1-2 degrees, has been shown conclusively to initiate a powerful series of adaptive biological responses that enhance longevity.

“Anti-aging hormetic effects of mild heat shock appear to be facilitated by reducing protein damage and protein aggregation by activating internal antioxidant, repair and degradation processes.” Surresh Rattan, “Hormetic Modulation of Aging and Longevity by Mild Heat Stress”

“High temperature stress is a widely used hormetic agent, not only because it is easy to implement and gives consistent results, but also because heat stress mainly acts through an evolutionarily highly conserved stress response pathway known as the heat shock (HS) response. HS response is one of the primordial intracellular defense mechanisms against stressful conditions in which extracellular stress … initiates a series of events starting with signal transduction, activation and nuclear translocation of heat shock factors (HSF), DNA binding of heat shock factor (HSF), initiation of HS gene transcription, and preferential translation of heat shock proteins (HSP) which then perform various biological functions” (Kiang and McClain, 2003; Kiang and Tsokos, 1998; Park et al., 2005; Verbeke et al., 2001b).

Near infrared sauna therapy benefits Lyme symptoms in many ways. Increased core temperature disables and may kill spirochetes, especially in non-vascular tissues where antibiotics can’t reach, near infrared light reduces pain and inflammation, near infrared light helps rebuild collagen and connective tissues, near infrared light enhances cellular energy levels and reduces fatigue, and intense sweating removes toxic heavy metals which are commonly found in lyme sufferers. Sauna heat is also a major aid in reducing systemic infections.

Muscle Mass and Athletic Recovery
Heat therapy is recognized for increasing both growth hormone and heat shock proteins. Both of these will enhance muscle mass. Near infrared light and the sauna heat also reduce oxidative damage and stimulate repair and rebuilding. Together, near infrared sauna use after a workout will enhance the workout effects and reduce recovery time.

Near infrared light powerfully reduces inflammation and pain.

Total detoxification, body wide reduction of inflammation, enhanced cellular anti-oxidant production and adaptive stress response all make you stronger than ever. (Just remember, you can stay healthy forever and never get a chronic illness but you’re not allowed to “prevent disease” because you’re not a doctor!).

Weight Loss
The Near Infrared Sauna is effective for weight loss. Sauna sessions burn calories, near infrared enhances metabolism, and heat therapy can increase natural HGH levels to help burn fat and build muscle.