Eco Sauna


Dimensions 53.5in long X 39in wide X 61in tall
Power: (6) 150 NIR heat lamps for a total of 900 Watts
Outlet: Plugs into any standard outlet.

Eco Bright
The Eco Sauna with additional full spectrum lighting for seasonal affective disorder.

1. Radiant reflective walls reflects 97% of heat and light to deliver 3X more infrared to your body
2. Non Toxic, Non-Off Gassing, Made with sustainably and locally sourced wood.
3. Uses track lights to allow customized heating arrangements.
4. EMF Safe, UL listed electrical components.
5. Reversible arrangement to place door on left or right.
6. Has no floor of it’s own. Sits on any floor you have.
7. Eco Sauna is a frame sauna with reflective lining for walls.
8. Assembly required.
9. Choice of Wood: Poplar

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All Long Life Saunas are handmade and built to order. Average lead times is 12+ weeks, due to high demand and attention to detail.

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