1 PErson LWWS
LWWS 2P Cedar

Light Weight Wood Sauna


1 Person
Dimensions: 53.5in long X 39in wide X 66in tall
Power: (8) 150 NIR heat lamps for a total of 1200 Watts
Outlet: Plugs into any standard outlet.

2 Person
Dimensions: 53.5in long X 51in wide X 66in tall
Power: (12) 150 NIR heat lamps for a total of 1800 Watts
Outlet: Plugs into any standard outlet.

1. Radiant reflective walls reflects 97% of heat and light to deliver 3X more infrared to your body
2. Non Toxic, Non-Off Gassing, Made with sustainably and locally sourced wood and PureBond Non-Outgassing, non-toxic panels
3. Heat Lamps in track light fixtures to allow customized heating arrangements.
4. EMF Safe, UL listed electrical components.
5. Made in the USA
5. Choice of wood: Poplar

What is the warranty on the sauna?

All saunas have an unconditional, 100% money back, 30 day return period. Simply return products, no questions asked, for a full refund. Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and product must be shipped back within 30 days of initial delivery. After that, there is a 2 year warranty on manufacturer’s defects where we will fix or replace parts at no charge.

Is the sauna difficult to assemble?

No. It is quite easy. The panels are lightweight and simple screw together at the corners. The whole assembly takes about 15-20 minutes.

How long do the bulbs last and how much does it cost to operate the sauna?

The bulbs last 3000 hours on average. Saunas costs vary with different power companies, but on average it costs about 9 cents to run a 1 person sauna for 30 minutes.

Where do I get replacement bulbs?

The sauna uses 150 watt bulbs which are always available from Long Life Saunas and from some online bulb distributors. They cost about $15 each and are as easy to replace as any normal light bulb.

Why is there no thermostat?

When a thermostat is used in an infrared sauna there is one major problem. When the sauna reaches the set temperature, the infrared heat shuts off because that’s what thermostats do. At that point, you are just sitting in a hot box. Our saunas are designed to match the heater output to the volume of space in the sauna for the perfect amount of heat. In addition, with the track light heaters, you can add or remove heat lamps to make the sauna exactly as hot as you like.

What is PureBond, the wood in the panel walls?

PureBond is a revolutionary new veneer wood that is non-toxic and non-outgassing. It has a beautiful veneer on the surface and a real wood core in the center. Unlike other veneer boards, the veneer is attached with an award winning soy-based adhesive with absolutely zero toxic VOC content. It is made in the US. For more information, read here:

What is the sauna lined with?

The sauna is lined with a radiant reflective barrier that is non-toxic and non-out gassing. It insulates the sauna, protects the wood from heat stress, and most importantly reflects infrared energy directing significantly more infrared to your body than in all wood interior infrared saunas. Our lining is made in the US. For more information on the benefits of reflective linings, read here:

Shipping: 1 Person $299, 2 Person $399 flat rate in the US
Saunas can be shipped internationally to any country, contact us for details.

All Long Life Saunas are handmade and built to order. Average lead time is 12+ weeks, due to high demand and attention to detail.

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