Wood Cabin Poplar

Wood Cabin


1 Person
Dimensions: 62in long X 39in wide X 67in tall
Power: (8) 150 NIR heat lamps for a total of 1200 Watts
Outlet: Plugs into any standard outlet.

2 Person
Dimensions: 67in long X 51in wide X 67in tall
Power: (12) 150 NIR heat lamps for a total of 1800 Watts
Outlet: Plugs into any standard outlet.

1. Radiant reflective walls reflects 97% of heat and light to deliver 3X more infrared to your body
2. Non Toxic, Non-Off Gassing, Made with sustainably and locally sourced wood.
3. Heat Lamps in track lights to allow customized heating arrangements.
4. EMF Safe, UL listed electrical components.
5. Made in the USA
6. Choice of wood: Poplar

Featuring Safe, Effective Bio-Compatible Near Infrared
NASA Researched Cell Rejuvenator,
Collagen Enhancer, Cell Detoxifier
The Most effective Healing Sauna Available

The new wood cabin design is the most durable and effective near infrared sauna we have ever built. We have created a sauna that is designed to take repeated heating to high temperatures without accumulating significant damage to the wood over time. Unlike any other infrared sauna on the market today, our wood cabins are lined with a non-toxic, radiant reflective barrier that protects the wood from heat and reflects the heat and infrared back to you making the sauna experience that much more therapeutic and effective. It heats up faster than any other infrared sauna and delivers more infrared energy to your body than any other wood sauna on the market today.

Special Note About Thermostats
We do not use a thermostat control in our saunas for several reasons. First, the thermostat control would automatically be connected to the near infrared heat output. That means when the thermostat reaches the desired temperature setting, the heat, and thus the infrared, would shut off. Secondly, the constant switching on and off of the heat during a sauna session, when a thermostat control is used, shortens the lifespan of the heaters. Instead, each sauna is designed to have the right amount of heat for the volume of space in the sauna.

Shipping: 1 Person $299, 2 Person $399 flat rate in the US
Saunas can be shipped internationally to any country, contact us for details.

All Long Life Saunas are handmade and built to order. Average lead time is 12+ weeks, due to high demand and attention to detail.

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