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The Ultimate Near Infrared Sauna Guide Only From Long Life Saunas

How to find the best infrared sauna, use it like an expert, and experience guaranteed results!

“Simple, concise and direct. This infrared sauna book has exactly what you need to get results. I saved money, successfully avoided junk saunas, and finally feel confident that I am getting the real health value from my sauna. Thanks, Michael, for a truly useful book.” J.F., Vermont

In 7 years of sauna building I have spoken to thousands of people all around the world and guided many of them to greater states of health through infrared sauna therapy. I know firsthand the most important facts that people don’t know about choosing and using their infrared saunas. As a leading sauna manufacturer and expert, I’ve been providing proven answers for 7 years based on leading scientific study and personal experience. Now, I’ve condensed that knowledge into the most helpful infrared sauna book available today.

People want infrared saunas for their detoxification, curative and restorative powers. Unfortunately many never get the benefits because they buy a low quality sauna and use it incorrectly. Now, you have a safer, faster and more therapeutic solution, guaranteed.

If you feel overwhelmed by the volume of information, don’t worry. You are not alone. There is a lot of misinformation on the web to sort through. But the difference between successful sauna use and failure is simply a matter of having the best INFORMATION.

If you want to be satisfied, DON’T buy an infrared sauna until you know which is best and how to use it. When you know these answers, you can feel confident about your sauna choice. You can feel safe and secure that you have a quality product. And best of all, you can feel excited that you know exactly how to use it for guaranteed health benefits.

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The Ultimate Guide shows you:

  • The 9 money saving BEST questions to ask any sauna dealer before you buy
  • The key sauna health and longevity technique most companies never mention
  • How to assess EMF safety before you buy
  • Specific how-to protocols for safe and powerful detoxification and healing
  • The scientific truth behind infrared tissue penetration you’ve never read before
  • The most common hidden dangers in infrared saunas
  • How to quickly and accurately spot a junk infrared sauna
  • 3 simple design features that make your sauna 3X more healing
  • Truly practical advice you need to save time and save money!

If you want guaranteed long term health improvements, all you need to know is in this exclusive infrared sauna book.

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